Tips on How To Choose a Durable Dental Handpiece ?

In 1919, the first dental turbine handpiece were born in Germany KAVO company, and in 1932, the first high temperature disinfection high speed handpiece come from KAVO . And then, dental handpiece industrial develops in a high speed rate . Now different kinds of design, different kinds of function and also different quality and price handpiece appear on the market. How to choose a durable handpiece become a question of dentists meeting now.

As a durable dental handpiece, 30% depends on the handpiece quality, 70% depends on dentist’s usage habit and proper maintenance.
It will have the the following index:

(1) A Long Working Life
This depends on the proper cleaning and maintenance; Bearing materials and production processes; Internal line materials and production process.
high speed handpiece
(2) Big Cutting Force
This depends on handpiece torque, air pressure, bur quality and dentists’ usage habit.
high speed handpiece burs
(3) Cooling Effect
Depend on uniform water spray.
high speed handpiece led
(4) Holding Feeling
Depend on dentist’s feeling, not the lighter the better, it will be considered after connecting with the tube, if the weight is evenly and if the position is of gravity balance, that is appropriate.
Holding Feeling
(5) Security and Stability 
This depends on the three patal bur chucked power.
The international standard bur chucked power is 22N. Higher than this standard will be better.
high speed handpiece-2
(6) Noise
A big noise will bring fear feeling to patient and also affect dentist’s efficiency.
Under 70bB noise will be better.
no noise
(7) Cross-infection Control
This depends on handle outer coating, head anti-retraction design and if can go through high temperature disinfection.
high speed handpiece-1
(8) Reasonable Price
As price is much different on the market, dentists should consider many factors to choose a handpiece, such as working life, maintenance cost, the affect of work efficiency and so on, not just the price.
Reasonable Price



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