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Q:Hello RWE team. Thank you all very much for this incredible work.

Till now I’m using conventional endo, but finally I decided to start using rotary. I attended 2 rotary workshops on extracted teeth and I did good, but still not feel confidence using them on patients. I think I have 2 major problems; first, lacking enough scientific knowledge about the endo motors, the torque, reciprocation and speed. It is like I know what to do but I’m not sure why I’m doing that.
The second problem is lacking of practice on many extracted teeth.

I can handle the second problem. Can you help me with the first one? Would you recommend some articles, videos, text books about this topic? Can you tell me some golden rules about choosing between rotary systems and endo motors?

Omran, I can see that you’re located in Egypt. You have to see what systems are available in your area. There’s way too many systems out there and you don’t have access to all of them. So, have a look around. Then, you need to see if your sales person would allow you demo a unit for a little while. My recommendation is that if your’e new, get an inexpensive unit that has Torque Control. Then practice at least 20 extracted teeth outside the mouth and find your comfort zone for using both hand instrumentation first and finishing with Rotaries and slowly using more rotaries to complete the case (there’s always need for some hand instrumentation in small sizes 10 and 15.) Then slowly work on patients. If you were here in the USA I would have recommended that you buy the cordless digital handpiece we show on our website: https://www.oyodental.com/best-Endodontic-Motor-Endo-for-sale.html
Over there, you’ll have to do some research.
Good luck and don’t forget to practice on a bunch of extracted teeth before you work on a patient.

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